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Generic FAQ:

Where is your company located?

We currently have three offices, one in Boston, Miami and Ohio. We also have a warehouse located in Cleveland Ohio.

How many employees do you have?

By the time you are reading this the number is most likely a lot higher. We are currently sitting at over 62 full time employees all based in or around the United States.

How long have you been in business for?

Although all the co-founders have been working closely together on our core businesses for a little more than half a decade. We created and incorporated Click Profit LLC in early 2020, but had to change our company from a c-corp to an LLC (for tax purposes) in early 2021.

What is the difference between FBALaunch & ClickProfit?

ClickProfit is the company that runs FBALaunch. In other words FBALaunch is just one of the products/offers ClickProfit has.

Is this really completely automated?

Yes! The only thing we really need to do is get you onboarded which takes around 20-30 minutes. After we have everything we need, we get started plugging in our proven systems. The only thing required on your end is to provide that info on the onboarding call and fund the inventory. That's all!

Who runs the store?

Unlike 99.99% of the automation companies you see we actually have everything in-house. Not teams of people overseas who charge $2-$3 an hour. These are American based, highly intelligent and experienced people who work specifically on our team.

Can I join this program although I live in a different country?

Yes and No! It all depends on how we set everything up. If you want to know more specifically if you can then please book a call!

Why should I work with you instead of all the others offering dfy automation?

Not to sound cocky or anything, but we don't have any competition! Our core ecommerce businesses did over $25m+ per year way before we ever offered a done for you model. Our team, software and proven models separate us from the rest.

Why do you only take on 25 clients per quarter?

To be honest... We only have the bandwidth to successfully work with 25 clients a quarter, otherwise we wouldn't see the results we are seeing now. We'd rather have 25 successful clients a quarter than 250 clients and 150 of them being successful.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

"Believe nothing you hear and half the things you see". That is one of my favorite quotes and here's why. So many advertisers lie and exaggerate just to get clients but don't have anything legal to back it. If you look at our contract you are protected, in-fact we advise you to speak with an attorney and have him/her read the contract. They will tell you how protected you really are.

Can I see some proof from your client's store?

Yes, simply click here and see for yourself. Real People. Real Results.

FBALaunch FAQ:

What is the success rate of these FBA Stores?

We are proud to say we have NEVER had a store not be profitable! Our clients/partners have always had a positive ROI on their investment. Don't get me wrong, some of our clients' stores take longer than others, but that has nothing to do with us but rather on certain variables. Like the amount of capital invested into inventory, whether or not the client reinvests their profits and so on.

How long does it usually take for the store to be profitable?

Again it all depends on certain variables around capital. Ecommerce is a numbers game and the more invested the faster we can get these stores to consistent positive cashflow.

Can my FBA store get suspended?

No! Everything we do is in line with the terms and services of Amazon. We don't go against any policies that would put your store at risk of termination or suspension. Why would we risk anything if we personally guarantee your store's success?

How much time do I need to devote to this business?

To get started with FBA Launch, it requires virtually no time after the initial set-up. Throughout the Set-Up process we will need to collect certain documents from you (LLC & EIN) and have you set up a business bank account, all of which we will help you with! We want you to know that you do not need ANY experience to get started, that's why we are here, to help YOU!

Can I invest more $$$ into inventory once I’ve chosen my package?

Yes! You absolutely can invest more into inventory at any point in time. Some of our clients have invested hundreds of thousands on top of the original investment. While others choose to see results first and then invest more into their store.

I want multiple stores, are you open to discussing a custom plan?

We are not cheap and we don’t work with everyone. If you are one of the select few that fits the criteria needed, in order to be a Click Profit partner then we will be open to custom packages/plans.

Where will my products be shipped from?

Click Profit will purchase the products that will be sold through your store from big brand manufacturers based on the relationships we have established with them. The products then get shipped directly to our warehouse and this is where we will prepare & pack your shipments & send your products into Amazon, where it ultimately will get sold from.

Can I view the warehouse?

Unfortunately we do not disclose the location of our warehouse. This is due to us storing millions of $$$ worth of product and do not want to place ourselves at risk by disclosing the location.

What is the process of selecting products & how do I know it will be profitable?

The wholesale model is extremely data-driven. Before we pick an item to sell in your store, our research team & software vets thousands of products. Because of the purchasing power of Click Profit, we have negotiated exclusive agreements with major brands at wholesale prices that allow us to be profitable where other sellers are not.

Can I view one of your clients' stores?

Please request a video walkthrough of stores when you are talking with your legendary e-commerce consultant on the phone, we will be more than happy to show you results from some of our stores.

What is FBALaunch's (AKA Click Profit’s) competitive advantage over the ecommerce industry to give us the highest likelihood of this business being successful?

Click Profit has a combined experience dating back to the very beginning of Amazon. Having mastered the Amazon space with hundreds of stores & over 100 million in total combined sales(between our core business stores & client stores) we have seen it all & done it all. As a Click Profit client, you will tap into our vast experience in the ecommerce industry as well as utilize our proprietary software that allows us to get exceptional results and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why do you need us if you're so good at what you do?

We work with our clients because of three reasons:

  1. Through partnering up with our clients, Click Profit has major purchasing power that we would not have had through just having our own stores. Through this increased purchasing power, we can negotiate better prices with our distributors and in turn realize greater profits.
  2. Through partnering with clients like yourself, we can ultimately generate far more sales than we could if we just did this ourselves.
  3. More data collected on our software

Why don’t these brands just sell their products on Amazon themselves? What could we do better than them?

Most of these brands we work with sell exclusively b2b (business to business) and work solely within the wholesale industry rather than the retail industry (b2c). These big brands do not want to deal with the hassles of selling directly to customers on Amazon, instead they prefer the wholesale model where the store owner has to deal directly with customers and the brands get to sell to us in bulk (they make one massive sale and we make smaller sales over time).

If a product's demand dies and stops selling, how do we move that product and transition into something else?

Click Profit constantly monitors your stores performance, if an item's sales decrease we will allow that product to sell-off and we will remove that item from your store once it sells out. We are always constantly adding and removing products!

Wouldn’t I just be competing with all your other partners?

The products that you sell in your store will be unique to you and will not be sold by other stores that are under our management. It makes no sense to add one product to multiple stores as this would just create internal competition.

Do all partners get similar results?

There are many factors that determine our clients' results. Credit & access to cash being the biggest. We have clients that start off with $500k and we have clients that start off with $25k (used for inventory purchases)

It goes without saying that the client that purchased $500k worth of inventory is going to have better results than the client that purchased $25k worth of inventory.

How can I help make the store more money?

It's extremely important that you take care of your personal/business credit. One way you can directly influence your store's performance is by accessing additional credit lines for inventory purchases. By keeping your personal/business credit in pristine shape, you will allow yourself to go through funding options within Click Profit to access additional credit lines.

What’s the guarantee this is going to work?

In business & life there are no guarantees. Due to our vast experience and expertise in this industry, the odds are greatly tilted in our favor. Even though there are no guarantees in life, our FBA Launch program is fully backed by our money-back guarantee.

What is Amazon FBA and what does it stand for?

FBA - Fulfilled by Amazon

The hardest part of selling on Amazon is finding the right products to sell. That's exactly why you are reaching out to Click Profit, since we have vast experience & data to pick those winning products on your behalf!

Can I see other members or speak with them?

We value our clients time & privacy (as we would value yours when you become a client!) As a result, we have spent countless hours putting together accurate testimonials & gathered reviews in order to provide you with the most accurate reflection of our service. Please ask your e-commerce consultant on the call to see if there is a client available for you to chat with.

What am I paying you a service fee for if I'm already investing into inventory?

If you went to a dealership and offered that you would like to receive the car for free on the contingency that you would pay for the gas & repairs, what do you think they would say?

We value our vast experience & have spent an enormous amount of money & time on our service. The service fee covers most of the fixed costs we have to get your store running according to our strategy.

If you're only taking in 25 clients a quarter, won’t this get saturated quick?

On Amazon, there are tens of millions of products for sale. Amazon also did over 100 Billion in sales just in 2020 Q4. With that being said, Amazon is nowhere near saturated. Accepting a limited number of clients allows us to maintain the insane results that we are able to achieve, while growing our business at the same time. Not one of our clients' stores compete against each other as there are plenty of products to pick from...if you know where to look!

How long are you willing to work with us as business partners? Is there a limit to how long you will run the store? What if we want to continue after 1-2 years?

Great Question! We are only looking for LONG TERM successful partnerships. We are NOT looking for clients that have a short-term mentality. It’s no secret that businesses scale over time & it’s no different than an FBA store. We have the mentality to scale your store for an exit, which requires years of store optimization.

Software FAQ:

How long have you been working on this 'software' for?

We started working on the software at the beginning of January 2017 and finished in June of 2020. So over 3 and a half years to complete the entire software.

How much did you invest into it?

Our monthly invoice was $115,840.00 for the entire team. There was a total of 42 months worth of invoices which added up to $4,865,280 and some change.

How many team members were there?

There were a total of 16 people who were a part of building this masterpiece of a software.

1 x project manager

1 x data scientist

4 x react JS developers

1 x CSS developer

9 x senior PHP & MySQL developers

How does the software work?

The software works by leveraging machine learning & artificial intelligence to interpret data. This helps us know what products to sell and helps us estimate how much inventory we should purchase to avoid expensive storage fees. It also uses data we collected and bought over the years and compares it against 26 real life variables to ensure we make the right decisions.

If I join the FBALaunch program do I get access to the software?

Unfortunately not! Although the team that will be running your store will be using it religiously.

Will you eventually sell the software to the public?

As of right now NO! We have put too much time, effort and money into this to let the public use it. The issue when you take software like this public, is everyone starts doing the same thing resulting in over saturation of specific products. To be honest we never want to create competition with ourselves which is why it's not for sale.

How accurate is the software?

It's extremely precise and the more data we collect over the years the smarter it will get, hence the reason we incorporated machine learning and Ai technology.

If I sell my store will the person/company that buys it get access?

No! Unless they decide to continue using our team.

Onboarding FAQ

How long till my store is up and running?

It can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on how long it takes for your Amazon store to be approved and for us to source and order the best products. We only want to source the best products, and thus spend more time searching for the right products for your store.

Will I get access to my Amazon store?

Yes, you will get access to your account, as well as the Amazon Seller Central App where you can track everything in real time.

How long is the onboarding call?

The onboarding call can be done in 20 minutes or less. But sometimes it's around 45 minutes when you account for all the questions asked.

How do I get access to the course?

The course login will be sent to you during the onboarding call.

Misc FAQ:

What happens with returns?

If the return is in a resell-able condition then Amazon puts it back in stock and resells it. If it is not in a resell-able condition, Amazon will liquidate it for us and we'll recover some money back. Regardless, we deal with everything so you can focus on what you enjoy most:)

How much money should I put towards inventory?

That’s entirely entirely up to you. Anything between $25k and $50k is a good start! Remember it's all a numbers game!

Can I use my existing Amazon Seller Central Account?

Potentially, yes - but we’d have to check it for you. If this is something you’d like us to look into, please send us the login details for your existing Amazon Account and we will confirm whether we can use it or not.

What does the $197 p/month operating fee include?

This charge is essential as it covers all software and operating expenses needed to run your Amazon business. The software is used to list and delist products, reprice products, etc. The operating and warehouse expenses cover things such as repackaging and labelling all the products that arrive at our warehouse before sending them off to the Amazon warehouse. Don't worry, this amount will be subtracted from your overall gross profit. (Remember we only take our split on the net profit.

Can I own countless Amazon stores?

Yes, you can. But starting with one is definitely a good start. If you’d like to open more than one, please chat to one of our representatives.

How long will it take for me to start making profit?

Remember nothing happens overnight. Give it a few months and you will start seeing great returns, we assure you that.

What kind of products do you pick for my store?

There is no specific type of product, we choose all sorts of products. It is based on what sells best and what has the best margins.

Do you recommend reinvesting the profits earned back into our business?

Definitely, without a doubt. Many of our customers reinvest their monthly profits earned every few months so we can purchase more of the top selling products.

Is there anything I can do to boost sales?

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do from your end besides invest more in inventory (aka numbers game), You just have to put your trust in us and leave it up to the experts! We promise to always source the best products for your store and we have the best team of experts to do so, as well as to manage and grow your amazon store from start to finish.

Does the $197 monthly charge increase?

Yes, the operating fee scales as your sales grow. Once you start making more than $10k in total sales per month the monthly operating charge increases to $297 per/month, and then at $50k sales per month it increases to $497 p/month and so on. This will all be explained in our onboarding call!

What happens with regards to sales tax?

Do I have to file my own taxes? Yes, you are responsible for handling your own taxes. We provide you with two great contacts who can take care of this for you if you don’t have your own CPA. Contacts will be provided to you during our onboarding call.

How does the profit split work?

You will be responsible for paying us the profit split % monthly that was agreed upon in your contract. This is determined based on how much you choose to invest in the company. The profit split is always done on the NET profit after we have deducted the operating expenses from the GROSS profit.

What if I don’t have enough credit?

We have a funding program available specifically designed to get you low interest that you can use to fund your store. Chat to your customers' success manager if this is something you’re interested in!

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